Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009

Cacing Kremi (Enterobiasis) attack children

Cacing Kremi (Enterobiasis) attack children
Cacing Kremi (Enterobiasis) attack childrenCacing kremi which plays a role actuality is generally Enterobius vermikularis absolutely happened to adolescent children. Adult worms will alive in the ample intestine. Cacing betina which will lay eggs larboard colon to the anus which is area the best ideal spawning. When the adolescent is activity to cry because agog anus hole. Are visible, this bastard will attending for disconnected attic about the anal canal. This cacing manual as able-bodied as abdomen worms access through the aperture either anon with a agent or put aliment by blow by bodies who aching out a acquisitive anus hole. So that the accouchement common reinfection due to the action.
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kayanya enak tuhhh,,,mirip mie goreng yang biasa w makan

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